WIN is an Australian not-for-profit organisation.  Work to date (15th April 2020) has been achieved through pro bono support and volunteering, mostly by the WIN leaders. The group have developed the purpose, principles, goals and plans as well as establishing a Board of Governance. These foundation steps needed to be achieved before looking for funding from organisations, which will help ensure sustainability and independence. The WIN team will approach g a range of organisations including government, societies and community, and industries for support in early 2020.

WEIGHT ISSUES NETWORK LIMITED is a registered health promotion charity and endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR).

If you would like to support WIN, please contact us on

ABN 89 637 478 730





28/4/2020 Update: 

WIN has received donations  from the following organisations:

The Obesity Collective

We would like to thank the following organisations/individuals for their pro-bono support:

Addisons for legal support in drafting our constitution
Governance Institute of Australia for governance training
PWC Australia for co-design support

Joanna Ferrari for training on telling powerful stories
Sue Bellino for media training



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