Media Guide and Image Library

We think that one of the reasons that weight stigma is so prevalent in our society is because of the way people who are overweight or have obesity have been portrayed in media. For example, they might be shown gorging on food, lazing in shabby environments, wearing ill-fitting clothes, or as de-humanising pictures with just a bulging belly where the person’s head has been removed (presumably to maintain the individual’s anonymity – but with the effect of stripping that person’s identity)! We are keen to change this kind of depiction to one that is respectful and considerate.

WIN,  along with the Obesity Collective and Cancer Council Victoria, has developed a media guide to assist media outlets in making respectful choices in the way they chose to depict obesity.

You can access the guide here.

We have collaborated with WA Health, World Obesity Federation, OAC, Obesity Canada, WA Health to make available a library of images that can be used by news media, reports, and other print and online material while discussing the topic of obesity.

These images are free to use, provided they adhere to the following terms and conditions.

You can access the image library here.

Would you like to contribute to the image library?  Contact us on with the subject “image library”.


Weight Stigma in Australia