Our Purpose

WIN is the Weight Issues Network.  We are a group of people whose lives are affected by overweight or obesity, who along with families, friends and those who care, are committed to breaking weight stigma. 


To provide a strong voice and support for people living with and affected by obesity.


  • Raise awareness around the challenges and need for support.
  • Advocate for people’s needs.
  • Fight weight stigma, bias, and discrimination.
  • Create a community of support and opportunities for people to share their experiences, stories and insights to help others.
  • Provide evidence-based education on obesity.


  • Safe and empowering
    People feel safe both physically and psychologically. Provide information, support and a platform for people to have a voice.
  • Collaborative
    We work together and with other organisations to make a difference.
  • Anti-stigma
    Focus to reduce stigma and discrimination in Australia. Separate the person and the condition.
  • Brave and Bold
    Hold high expectations of what we want to achieve. Inspire people to participate, learn, grow and make a difference. Be brave and bold in facing challenges that arise.
  • Equity and inclusion
    Include and respect the broad range of people living with obesity, their families, loved ones and carers.
  • Transparent
    Transparent around funding, plans and conflicts of interest. Clear with our intentions and approach.

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