Why is WIN important?

The main purpose of WIN is to provide a strong voice and support for people living with and affected by overweight or obesity.

WIN is a new and growing Australian membership organisation. WIN brings together people with overweight and obesity, to represent their perspectives and needs. WIN creates a support network, provides education and builds a strong voice for advocacy.

Why is WIN important?

Overweight and obesity are important subjects that we constantly see in the media. Up until now, the opinions and experiences of those who live with overweight or obesity in Australia have been missing. We want to change that.

To a large extent, the weight debate in this country has been oversimplified to focus on a lack of willpower or self-control. Most people don’t understand that there are many things outside of an individual’s control such as our environments (where we lived, work, learn and play), our culture and the way our bodies work (such as genetics, mental health and metabolism), that will affect a person’s weight. Discrimination against people living with obesity is harmful, unfair and widespread, we can see it in employment, education, and even within the health care system. We want to change that.

We need a network of people who understand what it means to struggle with excess weight if we are to help educate the broader community, advocate for people’s rights and needs, and to support each other. Powerful groups like this already exist in some other countries, like the Obesity Action Coalition in the US. This type of network can be extremely powerful in raising awareness, fighting stigma, sharing personal stories, creating change and shifting the national debate around overweight and obesity to something that is more informed and compassionate toward those affected. We want to do that.

Why WIN is important?
Why join WIN?