WIN’s response to the National Obesity Strategy Consultation

COAG Health Council is currently running a consultation so that people can have a say in the National Obesity Strategy.  WIN was given an opportunity to be heard in this strategy.  Thanks to all WIN members who took part in the survey, live consultations or writing in with your feedback. Our collective response (below) was sent to the National Obesity Strategy co-ordinating committee today.

“There is an absence of any reference to the lived experience of those who struggle with obesity, and minimal attention to the impact of weight stigma. This, together with the complete omission of treatment, makes it clear that the strategy is not “for” people who have obesity.

WIN reached a strong consensus that the strategy should include tertiary prevention activities if it is serious about changing the trajectory of obesity at a population level. Treatment & management are at one end of the prevention continuum and cannot be neglected without compromising the intent of the whole document. The population-level primary and secondary prevention initiatives outlined are to be commended. However, while they are necessary, they are not sufficient. We do not need more of the same talk about changing behaviour and taking personal responsibility, we need to change the dialogue and begin to acknowledge the huge range of factors that influence obesity…. and stop perpetrating unrealistic expectations about exercise and diet.

The title “National Obesity Strategy” is misleading if in fact there is no capacity to include treatment.”

Read the complete WIN response by clicking the link below: